All About Cosmetic Injections in Sterling, Virginia

All About Cosmetic Injections in Sterling, Virginia

Over the past 18 years, Cosmetic Injections has gained worldwide recognition and earned a name for itself, yet there are still numerous misconceptions about the neurotoxin therapy.

That is why it's critical for anyone considering Cosmetic Injections to obtain correct and up-to-date information before getting injections.

Continue reading to learn more about Cosmetic Injections in Sterling, VA, including its benefits and possible adverse effects.

What Is Cosmetic Injections and How Does It Work?

Cosmetic Injections, or "botulinum toxin type A," is the most well-known brand name in a group of substances called neurotoxins.

A neurotoxin is essentially a poison that kills nerves and leads to muscle paralysis. In the case of Cosmetic Injections, it’s injected into the muscles to stop them from contracting.

Once injected, Cosmetic Injections is believed to inhibit communication between nerves and muscles.

During the treatment, a fine needle is inserted into targeted muscle areas and small amounts of Cosmetic Injections are injected. Each injection only takes a few seconds.

In most cases, it’s possible for patients to walk right out of their doctor’s office and resume their usual activities.

How Long Does Cosmetic Injections Last?

Once injected, Cosmetic Injections can remain effective for about four months. After this time, the muscles will start to contract again and patients will require a top-up treatment (usually every three to four months) in order to maintain their wrinkle-free appearance.

Is Cosmetic Injections Safe?

To ensure patient safety, doctors always start with a small dose when administering Cosmetic Injections. A very low dose minimizes the risk of side effects. In fact, in Europe and Australia, where Cosmetic Injections is approved for use by qualified medical professionals in non-cosmetic treatments, it’s only available in a double blind format (meaning it must be used in a medically necessary situation).

In the United States, however, Cosmetic Injections is considered safe because it is FDA-approved to fix frown lines between the eyes and other facial wrinkles.

What Are the Benefits of Cosmetic Injections Treatment in Sterling VA?

Largely because of its FDA approval for use in treating frown lines, many people associate Cosmetic Injections with cosmetic treatments. However, there are numerous non-cosmetic reasons to consider getting treated with Cosmetic Injections.

For example, patients suffering from chronic migraine headaches may be able to reduce their frequency and severity after Cosmetic Injections into the muscles of the forehead and neck, in addition to other treatment.

Patients who suffer from overactive bladder (OAB) may be able to reduce their urinary frequency after Cosmetic Injections injection into the detrusor muscle of the bladder.

Additionally, hyperhidrosis can be treated with Cosmetic Injections as well. Patients suffering from hyperhidrosis are often treated in the underarm area with Cosmetic Injections to reduce their sweat gland activity.

For patients who suffer from chronic neck and shoulder pain or headaches, Cosmetic Injections can potentially help relieve their symptoms as well.

Finally, patients seeking treatment for a variety of vocal cord problems (e.g., spasmodic dysphonia, unilateral vocal cord paralysis, laryngitis) may have success with Cosmetic Injections injections to the affected areas of the voice box to improve their speech and/or reduce pain.

All About Cosmetic Injections in Sterling, Virginia

Cosmetic Injections is a drug that has been used for decades to smooth wrinkles and lines. It is made from the bacteria called Clostridium botulinum, which makes protein that binds nerve endings in muscles so they stop working (paralysis). When injected into facial muscles, it relaxes them so the wrinkles soften making Cosmetic Injections an effective cosmetic treatment.

Cosmetic Injections is not a quick fix for wrinkles but it can help, especially deeper wrinkles when used in conjunction with other treatments. Cosmetic Injections is best used to prevent deeper lines from forming by injecting it into the skin every 3-4 months.

Some of the benefits of Cosmetic Injections in Sterling VA include:

-Treating wrinkles and fine lines caused by facial expressions. These are usually around the eyes, eyebrows, forehead, and between the brows.

-Helping to soften crow's feet around the eyes.

-Treating vertical lip lines in patients over 40 years old.

-Treating horizontal lip lines on men, which are found deeper in the skin than women.

-Lifting a sagging eyebrow or a drooping eyelid.

-Treating other muscle problems around the body that cause wrinkles like a crooked smile or an arched eyebrow.

People who tend to get the best results from Cosmetic Injections are those who have a healthy lifestyle. Cosmetic Injections is only effective if the muscles are relaxed and it works best on people who don't smoke, since smoking causes muscle contraction in the face. Drinking alcohol can also cause muscle contraction which may make wrinkles worse.

Most often, patients will feel that their treatment is working for them within three to seven days after their first treatment. Results can last for up to four months, but the patient will have a gradual loss of their treated muscles and may need to come back for more treatments.

Cosmetic Injections injections are very safe and effective in the hands of a trained professional, but it is always important that patients do their research about where they get Cosmetic Injections injections from to make sure they are getting an effective treatment for their needs.

Getting Cosmetic Injections in Sterling, VA

In general, the results of Cosmetic Injections injections are very natural. People often think patients look more refreshed and awake because they're happier or healthier or have started taking better care of themselves, but not necessarily because they seem like they've had something done.

Most people enjoy spending less money on moisturizer, make-up and foundation after a course of Cosmetic Injections injections because their skin is more hydrated, so it's important to note that in general patients may see reduced use of make-up and moisturizers after treatment.

However, some people will experience swelling or bruising at the injection site but most people find this goes away after a few hours. Some patients also have triamcinolone injections before their Cosmetic Injections treatment to reduce the risk of bruising.

Side effects from a Cosmetic Injections treatment can include: headaches, flu-like symptoms, mood changes, nausea and injection site pain but these are rare.

Injections are also not recommended during pregnancy, so people who are pregnant would need to avoid Cosmetic Injections treatments if they want to have smoother facial skin.

It's important to note that there is no benefit to having Cosmetic Injections injections more than once a year and it is not a replacement for a good skincare routine or a healthy diet.

Patients who have Cosmetic Injections injections also need to be aware that they don't last forever. Usually, the effects of a treatment will last for three or four months and gradually start to wear off as your body breaks down the injected muscle inhibitor over time.

Cosmetic Injections can be used to soften forehead lines by relaxing muscles in that area and preventing them from contracting. It is a very popular anti-wrinkle treatment for young people because it has very little down-time and most patients see instant results.

It's important to note that Cosmetic Injections injections are a great way to soften lines and wrinkles that develop from facial expressions such as the frown lines, squint lines, crow's feet and forehead lines.

Although there are some risks involved with a Cosmetic Injections treatment, these risks are very low in comparison to more invasive procedures like facelifts and brow lifts. It should also be noted however, that because Cosmetic Injections is so widespread, people are more likely to recognize the signs of someone having had Cosmetic Injections injections.

Most patients find that they can resume normal activities straight away after their treatment and although there may be some mild swelling and discomfort at the injection site, most people find this goes away after a few hours.

Additionally, Cosmetic Injections treatments should never be more than six months apart, or else the effects could wear off.

People who have Cosmetic Injections treatments done are advised to avoid activities which would put them at risk of being injured for two days after the treatment and they should not rub their face in that time either. Patients should also stay out of direct sunlight for 24 hours because it can reduce the effectiveness of Cosmetic Injections and cause tissue damage.

Patients can also feel pain or tenderness at the injection site but most people find this goes away after a few hours. Some patients also have triamcinolone injections before their Cosmetic Injections treatment to reduce the risk of bruising.

All About Cosmetic Injections in Sterling, Virginia

 People often ask me, "Michelle, what is Cosmetic Injections?"

      Well…I like to call it the "little miracle". I am an expert at giving Cosmetic Injections treatments and I would love to talk to you about how beneficial this treatment can be for you.

      So what is this little miracle?

Cosmetic Injections is a solution of botulinum toxin that is injected into the skin to help relax muscles and smooth away wrinkles. The injections are administered by way of a fine needle tip, allowing for precision in placement. In other words, it's not going to look like you've had needles stabbing your face because this treatment only targets certain areas, such as the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around your eyes.

By doing this, Cosmetic Injections can give you a more youthful appearance. Injections with this toxin block nerve impulses that cause muscles to contract. Once the muscle is relaxed, it straightens out lines in your face that come from overactive muscles like crow's feet, worry lines and frown lines.

It is recommended that you get a treatment every 3 to 4 months. After your skin has achieved the desired results, you will need maintenance treatments at least twice a year. The amount of time between treatments varies from person to person. Some people may need more frequent Cosmetic Injections injections while others may go longer in between appointments.

Now, I know what you're thinking…I don't want to look like a freaky doll with all these injections. You won't! Cosmetic Injections is very effective because the toxin targets certain muscle groups and not others.

There are other benefits of Cosmetic Injections from smoothing away wrinkles to treating migraines and chronic pain. As I mentioned, there are many benefits of this treatment and if you're interested in learning more about Cosmetic Injections, contact me today for your free consultation.